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In a recent Internet post I encountered a man who has made clever use of some of his “junk” mail. Most of us simply throw this annoying waste of good paper into the trash. Not this man. He noticed that some junk mail contained envelopes stamped, “No postage necessary if mailed in the United States.

I’d seen those too, but unlike this gentleman, whose name I can’t remember, I hadn’t recognized their value until he pointed it out to me. His great idea was to print up booklets with a gospel message, put them into those “no postage necessary” envelopes, and mail them back to the sender, knowing that a few days later bored employees would open them, and be so dumbstruck by the unexpected something inside, they’d take a minute to read the booklet, stuff it in their pocket to look at later, or throw it in the trash, where the cleaning person may find it, and so on. Who knows where a seed will land when it is sown?

Clever, huh?  I started to “mine” our junk mail for “no postage necessary” envelopes. In less than a month I collected seventeen. Interestingly, ten of them were from the Washington, DC area. (Make of that what you will.)

Finding just the right medium and message for the envelopes is the biggest challenge for this outreach. I’ve toyed with the idea of “tiny books”, but that requires some specific talents I don’t have, and could also present a problem for the postage machines. Eventually I’ll find that perfect something that is not too big or bulky and has more images than words. (Let me know if you have any ideas.)

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered a decades-long supply of greeting cards, sent to me by several lovely charitable organizations, presently cluttering up my desk drawers and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take a word of good news to a lonely mail opener in one of my “no postage necessary” envelopes.

Now, if I could just find someone who can use the thirty-six 2017 calendars I’ve received already this year, my junk mail crisis would be solved. As for you, mine that junk mail and sow good news through every “no postage necessary” envelope you receive. (Or, at least save it for someone who will.)

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